Casting Call


Send your resume and headshots to be added to our list for upcoming casting calls to:




5 thoughts on “Casting Call

  1. hey my name is dexter,but i go by the name danja and i am a music artist looking for a way up and i am interested in this,if you can e-mail me,and give more detail it would be great.


  2. Hello,

    I would love to be consider as a MUA for any of your casting calls, I have already submitted my interest for the music video Love the way, but I will also love to be consider for your project Rising Star IV.



  3. @Barbara: Sorry we missed you for “Love The Way”. The artist had her own MUA that came attached with the project. I would love to have you on board for PRS IV. A great way to get to know the crew and some very talented filmmakers/actors is to join us for one of our shoots. We are currently in production for, “Blue Moon”. We are having a pre-production meeting this Saturday, 11/5.
    The best way to get updates about the project is to follow along here and like the facebook page:

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