Here is a list of the questions I am most frequently asked:

How do I get into filmmaking?

My suggestion to you would be to purchase an inexpensive camera and start filming! Depending on what operating system you have, Windows or Mac, they usually come with an entry level editing program. There you go! You are officially an independent filmmaker.

What camera should I buy?

Your First Camera

I have to answer this question in stages. If you know me, then you know that I love the Canon DSLR’s. You can’t beat the quality of picture for the price. But, for starting out I would not recommend going that route. I would suggest that you stick with the high end consumer camcorders for starters. For consumer camcorders stick with either the Sony or my personal favorite, the Canon. The Canon HFS Series produces incredible images. Buy used if you can. You shouldn’t have to spend over $600. Just be sure that the camera you purchase has the following features:

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Digital Capture Capabilities (Stay away from tape)
  • external audio inputs
  • the ability to use filters & additional lens add-ons.

Your Second Camera

Your Third Camera

  1. Jessika Kwasniak says:

    And you said I should get into mentoring! How nice (the advice) listen to Lee, he does know what he is talking about! (the VIXIA, I think is awesome, my fear would be actor’s ignorance to it’s capabilties because of its smaller size).
    On that note, then you have to believe in yourself, not listen to the hearsay, and others will believe in you too. Especially when they see the final cut!

  2. zsionmedia says:

    Jessika, that has actually happened on several professional sets. The cinematographer has walked on the set with their Canon DSLR’s and it was hard for the actors to adjust to it. Now that it has been used on several professional shoots, House, The Terminator Series, etc. People are starting to get use to them.

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